Help Lance Corporal Emerson

Lance Cpl. Emerson, a four year U.S. Marine is in need. His 3-month-old daughter is hospitalized due to an unknown blockage in her intestines causing her to lose 2 oz of weight a day and being nourished through a feeding tube. He and his wife are thousands of miles from home and a hundred miles from their duty station.

Emerson Family

Mrs. Emerson is currently not working to be by her daughter’s side and Lcpl. Emerson has also taken leave because of the situation. There is no hospitality housing at the military hospital so they are having to stay in the hospital day and night with their other child (3-year-old daughter). They would like to stay in the hotel next to the hospital, as it is very difficult to have the 3-year-old in an ICU room day and night.

With finances already tight from Mrs. Emerson’s inability to work, they are barely affording diapers for their other daughter, let alone a hotel room. Let’s help this Marine and his family during one of the hardest situations a parent could ever face. Your donation will help alleviate some of the financial stresses the Emerson family has been burdened with and allow them the simple comfort of a hotel room, something they shouldn’t have to worry about in the midst of their many other worries.

Thank you for your continued support!

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