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A Welcoming Welcome Home

Operation Once in a Lifetime has received numerous requests from individuals and Family Readiness groups from Fort Hood Texas; the request is for linen.  Due to unfortunate circumstances out of their control, soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and living in the barracks will not have linen provided to them–this means no pillows, sheets or blankets.  We need your help to make these soldiers’ homecoming as welcoming as possible.
We are asking individuals and companies to give us a hand. You can donate online and you can also donate the needed items such as twin-sized sheets and blankets.  We also need toiletries to put in the soldiers’ bathrooms and we would like to put drinks and snacks in the rooms as well.  Let’s make these rooms as hospitable as possible and make these homecomings memorable.
Here are a couple of the requests we have received.

I am a wife of a  soldier and I help a Family Readiness Support group down at Fort Hood Texas  I saw your clip on WFAA and read on the website that you are collecting linens and pillows to send to the returning soldier at Fort Hood. Our battalion will be returning from Iraq from a 12 month deployment in May. We would like to provide our soldiers with a cozy barracks room with fresh linens and a pillow as a small token of appreciation. Would you be able to help our battalion accomplish this goal for our soldiers? We have 150 soldiers that will be moving into the barracks rooms upon return. Thank you for your time and thank you for the wonderful organization you have founded.

An army wife

To Whom It May Concern, I am a wife of a soldier in an Artillery Battalion.  I know of two battalions that are currently deployed to Iraq and will be returning this summer (July or August,450 soldiers).  I am starting to make arrangements and prepare for their homecoming and have run into difficulty getting all of the items needed for the soldier barracks (ie sheets, pillows, toiletries, food/snacks, etc).  I heard about your organization from a friend – She told me how generous your organization has been with helping to prepare the barracks for the returning 4ID troops.  Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time, Sincerely,
A devoted army wife

Dallas Stars’ Brenden Morrow recognized for donations to soldiers

Read the story.

Thank you, Brenden, for your generosity and inspiration to our soldiers!

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