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Our Biggest Undertaking Ever!

We are taking 50 Veterans, who have never been before, to Arlington National Cemetery this May to visit their fallen brothers and sisters who paid the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!

Operation Once in a Lifetime started our newest program last year which we named our “Closure Program”. We kicked off this initiative by taking SSG Kody Garnhart to Arlington National Cemetery to visit his best friend who was killed while they were deployed together.

What most people don’t realize is when you lose a Battle Buddy, the body is sent back home, the funeral is back home and the burial is back home, but you are still deployed. Thousands of Veterans and and Active Duty Service Members have lost Brothers & Sisters in Arms and have never been given the opportunity to visit their Battle Buddies final resting spot in Arlington National Cemetery; but we want to change that!

Operation Once in a Lifetime is currently raising funds to take 50 Veterans to Arlington National Cemetery who have never been before. This trip will consist of Veterans from WWII (yup that is right, we have a 90 year old WWII Veteran on the list) to current Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. If you would like to help us create 50 memorable life changing experiences for some truly deserving Veterans please see Story IV on our Current Needs page.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to provide all these Veterans with free flights, hotels and transportation. Del Frisco’s Steak House has even offered to provide dinner for all 50 Veterans during their trip to DC as well!

Please watch the video below and listen to SSG Garnhart’s story:

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Operation Once In A Lifetime

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