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Help Stop Veteran Suicide

In the past 3 months, Operation Once in a Lifetime has received over 500 requests from Military Veterans in need, totaling over 1.3 million dollars in requested help. Many of these requests were to help to prevent homelessness, help with food, and help keep utilities on and more.

Every one of these Veterans are struggling and in need of assistance and guidance and many of these Veterans were referred to us from other organizations because they did not either qualify for their programs or they were out of funding.

Veteran Suicide is a true epidemic and the fact that over 20 Veterans take their lives each day is a tragedy. For 7 years, Operation Once in a Lifetime has helped hundreds of Veterans thinking of suicide by supporting their immediate needs as well as providing guidance and mentorship to ensure they are on a path of success in the civilian community.


The reason why Operation Once in a Lifetime receives so many requests is because we open our doors to all Honorable Veterans. Our core mission is making dreams and wishes come true but we realize that there are practical wishes too. If you don’t have food, what would you wish for? If you are A COMBAT Veteran, struggling to find work and you cannot provide for your family, are you more prone to suicide? ABSOLUTELY! To help stop
this epidemic we must first fix the immediate need and then the long term need.

When you donate below, you are saving a Veterans LIFE!! Want to learn more? Email:

Fallen Navy Seal

Operation Once in a Lifetime is currently trying to help create a once in a lifetime experience for a family of a Fallen Navy Seal from Seal Team Six. Nicolas Checque died in a rescue attempt to save an American doctor taken hostage in Afghanistan.


All donations are going directly to creating a memory for his family they will never forget. Please make your tax deductible donation through the Donate button below. For information on what we are doing for his family, please email

Aid Brigade
Operation Once In A Lifetime

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