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Please Help SGT Calles!

OOIAL is currently supporting SGT Calles and his family through an unimaginable tragedy. See his heartbreaking story below. If you would like to help, please donate HERE.

Dear Operation Once in a Lifetime,

My name is Jorge Calles. I am proud to have served 2 tours of duty — one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan in which I have received a combat action badge. Our unit returned from Afghanistan Aug 22 2014 and on Sep 29th my home was attacked by a faceless coward. From a random drive-by at 1 am while my family slept, a bullet almost shattered my son’s head but did not miss my wife’s chest which caused her to almost lose her life. Since then we have been in the hospital for 4 months now and she has gone through many surgeries and the recovery process has had its bad days. Needless to say it has affected us in a horrible way.

I am a reservist and have a civilian employer upon my return from Afghanistan but have been on unpaid leave of absence from work as I am taking care of my wife who is still in the hospital and our 2 year old son. We have fallen on hard times and could really use any assistance for food, diapers and perhaps a mortgage payment if possible.

Thank you for your time and support,
Sgt Calles




If You Were Sleeping on the Floor, What Would You Wish For?

Operation Once in a Lifetime helps grants some wishes for veterans without beds and who were sleeping on their floors.


See the video!

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