Aid Brigade – $10/month Donation Membership

Operation Once in a Lifetime is calling you to partner with us on a regular, monthly basis in making the dreams of our soldiers come true.

For as little as $10 a month, you can make a difference in the lives of our country’s service men and women and their families.  Every contribution goes to their aid, be it paying for bills, plane tickets to fly home, and mortgages or simply treating them to a much deserved night out at a sports event or restaurant.
Our program provides free financial assistance regardless of rank, race, branch of service, physical condition or deployment status.

Become a member of Aid Brigade today!

More details and membership forms can be downloaded here.

If you wish to join the Aid Brigade,
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Memo & Notes :
Join our growing members who love and support our troops:

SGT Patrick Sowers (President & Founder, OOIAL)
SSG Kenny Grifith (Board Member OOIAL)
SFC Seth Watson (Board Member OOIAL)
MCPO Brad Nesbit (U.S. Navy) (Board Member OOIAL)
Mike Edison (Board Member OOIAL)
Yuee Ong (Board Member OOIAL)
Robert & Amy Shelton (OOIAL Outdoor Program Coordinator)
Steven Tobler (Vietnam Veteran)
Christian Tobler (U.S. Army)
Troy Polamalu #43 (from the Pittsburgh Steelers)
Owner Home Finance
Gaby Sowers
Michael Sowers (1SG Retired U.S. Army)
Billy Sowers (U.S. Air Force)
Tay and Phylis Mcraney
Elizabeth Edison
SSG James Cook (U.S. Army)
SFC Kenneth Marrion (U.S. Army)
Robin Smith
Theresa Barta
Vanessa Sowers
Fran Piegari
Tripp and Krista Snuggs
Paula Sanchez
MAJ Jason Good (U.S. Army)
David Hoover (U.S. Navy)
Cameron Crouch (U.S. Army)
Barb Michniak
Tina Sanchez
Kevin Eldridge (U.S. Navy)
SSG Michael Silva (U.S. Army)
Renee Mathur
EH “Sonny” Bringol Jr.
Beverly Lopez
Charles & Wendi Ryland
Dave & Perri Seamands (U.S. Army)
Clint Borchard
Jenna Edison
Ryan Biondo
Susan George
Eva Carwile
Chris Moores
Grace Monk
CPT Monica Johnson (U.S. Army)
Melany Adams (In memory of her husband MSG Adams KIA)
SSG Russell Nehmer (U.S. Army)
Evone Allen (Go Steelers!!)
SSG Daniel Devlin (U.S. Army, 10th Group, in memory of MSG Adams)
Kirk Bell (U.S. Air Force)
CPT Edgar Yu (10th Group Special Forces, in memory of MSG Dan Adams)
Joseph Baddick (in memory of SGT Andrew Baddick, 82nd Airborne)
Thomas Clarke (father of a Marine)
Michael Skovran (Father of a Soldier)
Carolee Blumin
Cheryl Slaughter (Go Steelers)
CPT Jose Da Chuna (U.S. Army)
Kristi Johnston
Steve Bidwell (U.S. Air Force)
Brandi Dosser
Cindy Peters
Billy Sowers (U.S. Air Force)
Crystal Steward (U.S. Air Force)
SFC Tamari Lewis (U.S. Army)
SFC Myrick Lewis (U.S. Army)
BSM Harry Jack Crawford (U.S. Navy)
TSsg Jose Cortez (U.S. Air Force)
Kelsy & Bill Westman
Terree Thies-Hooper
George Stahley (U.S. Army Special Forces)
SFC Steven Payne (U.S. Army)
Christopher Caraci (U.S. Navy Seal Team 6)
Linda Crossman
Susan George
Jessica Rios
Laura Jo Jones
Martin McCabe
Erin Daly
Amy Engelberg
Michael Nicosia (U.S. Navy Seal)
Brian Dalton
Jennifer Baker
Kimberly Youngman
Bobby Brooks (U.S. Army)
Ursala Post
Chris Crookshanks
Ronald Owens
Rene Hesse
Cedric Laster (U.S. Army Special Forces)
Rafael Espinosa (U.S. Army Aviation)
James Boggs (U.S. Army Aviation)
Janet Miller
Chris Scowden
Sean Robinson (U.S. Air Force)
Dallie Clark
Shawn Fay (In Memory of their son)
Deborah Nieto
Linda Barrientos
Evgeny Alekseev
Michelle Maticic
Hugh Ashburn
Franklin Southerland
Chris Neidhart
TSGT David Piskorick (U.S. Air Force)
SSG Michael Silva (U.S. Army)
CW3 James Boggs (U.S. Army)
George Lopez (U.S. Army)
Hillary Spangler
LTC Mike Wallace (U.S. Army)
SSG Richard Elsie (U.S. Marine Corp)
Kelly Coughlin Bennett
Ray and Mary Cano (U.S. Marine Corp)
CPT Liz Boggs (U.S. Army)
Mollie McCune
Wayne Boggs (U.S. Marine Corp)
William (Bill) Mullins (U.S. Army)
Daniel Smith (U.S. Army)
Jim McNeese (U.S. Army)
SSG Christopher Melberg (U.S. Army SF)
SFC James Davis (U.S. Army SF)
SSG Collin Cirrone (U.S. Army)
Kerry Niederriter
Ray Cano (U.S. Marines, Vietnam, PH)
Major Bria Anderson (Army)
Ogle Family (Army)
Jonah Jones
Randermann Family (Army)
Skoro Family
SPC Tom Brinch
Dylan Barnett
Foster Family
Tiffany Family
FSG William Hill
Jeremy Bunk
Michael Kyle
Aid Brigade
Operation Once In A Lifetime

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