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SSG Travis Mills

A soldier, husband and father lost both legs and arms to an IED in Afghanistan.

SSG Travis Mills was on his third deployment to Afghanistan when tragedy struck last Tuesday. SSG Travis Mills was on patrol in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED.  The explosion took both his legs and both arms, but thanks to his strength and strong heart SSG Mills survived and is only the FOURTH U.S. Service Member to survive a quadruple amputation on the battlefield.

The loss of all four limbs is something that is unimaginable. He will never be able to hold his wife in his own arms or hug his kids ever again… Something that is even just as unimaginable is the emotional hardships and financial strains that come along with this kind of injury and recovery.

SSG Mills has years of rehabilitation and recovery ahead of him, but thanks to the love of his wife, daughter, family and friends being by his side things will be made a little easier, and this is where we need your help.

Operation Once in a Lifetime is raising funds for SSG Mills and his family as there will be several financial hardships that will arise during his recovery, such as flights for loved ones and friends to visit him, lodging and helping pay their mortgage for their house located in North Carolina as they will be moving onto military housing soon near the hospital in DC.

If you would like to help SSG Mills and his family please donate today by clicking on the donation link above.  Thank you for your donations, your support and for remembering we are a nation at war.

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Operation Once In A Lifetime

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