George Strait Concert

Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage and Fast & Loud, Killie Rasberry from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and Sean and Catherine Lowe from The Bachelor team up with Operation Once in a Lifetime to create a truly once in a lifetime experience for a group of Wounded Warriors, Veterans and Special Forces soldiers at George Strait’s last concert ever at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

One of the military heroes that got to attend this once in a lifetime experience was SGM Munter who said he has missed almost every milestone his son Andrew has had in his life while serving his country. SGM Munter’s son is a huge George Strait fan and when he found out that he would be performing in Denver, which was near Fort Carson, he wanted to take his son, but he got he got home too late from Afghanistan and tickets were sold out. However, thanks to OOIAL we were able to create a milestone for SGM Munter’s son by flying them both from Colorado Springs to Dallas to watch Strait’s final concert. We would like to thank Odessa Pumps for their support in helping make SGM Munter’s dream come true by allowing him to see his son’s dream come true.

“The dream of every parent is to see their kids’ dreams come true”.

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